• Sweet Tooth Tank Top
    Stitch up this colorful pattern with playful ripple stitches and easy lace stitches for a little girl in your life who has a sweet tooth! Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend is perfect for summer clothes because it breathes much better than wool or heavy acrylic…and it looks great too! The cherry on top is the … Read More
  • Dino Bday Banner
    Does your little one love The Land Before Time or Jurassic Park? Make your future paleontologists their very own dinosaur themed birthday banner! Crochet party decorations are very sturdy and can be used again and again or passed on to other families to enjoy. ❤ Let's get started! Finished Measurements: The letters are about 4 … Read More
  • Lacey Ripple Stitch
    I have been working on designing a skirt for a while now. I can't even count how many times I've had to frog it. I was going to use this Lacey Ripple Stitch for it. I modified this stitch from The Blue Elephants. Sadly, I finally decided to start over (again) and use a different … Read More
  • Simple Shorts
    These shorts are cute, comfortable and fully customizable. If you know how to double crochet, increase and decrease, you can make these shorts. I recommend using the linked double crochet so there are no holes in your project. Once you get used to making double crochet stitches in this way, the pattern is very repetitive … Read More
  • Kindle Cozy
    Have you ever been accused of being a procrastinator? How about a pro-CAFFEINE-ator? If you're the type of person that has to wait until after they've had their morning coffee to get anything done, this one's for you. I say, what's the harm in a little rest and relaxation before you start your day. Curl … Read More
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