Easy Spider Legs and Eyes

This last minute costume idea is a snap to pull off. Simply crochet 4 spider legs and 8 spider eyes per the instructions below and attach them to a solid colored sweater and hat. I think that purple, gray, black, brown or red would all be great colors for your little spiders. This costume works well for both boys and girls. My daughter Echo loves how hers turned out!

I’ve been planning this costume for a while so I had time to make the sweater and hat myself. I didn’t make the patterns for those but I will post pattern reviews later for you all to enjoy. I highly recommend making my spider silk skirt to go along with it. It works up quick!

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Let’s get started!


Worsted Weight Yarn in the color of your choice for the legs

Black Worsted Weight Yarn for the eyes

Scrap red and white yarn for the highlights in the eyes

Size H8 – 5 mm hook

Fiber Fill Stuffing – for the spider legs

Skill Level


ch = chain

sl st = slip stitch

sc = single crochet

hdc = half double crochet

flo = front loop only

inc = increase

mc = magic circle


The spider legs are made in the round with an increasing row in the center to make half of the leg a little thicker and give it the appearance of being segmented like a spider’s leg. Stuff the spider legs as you go because it will be nearly impossible to do it all at the end. Use lots of smaller bits of filling rather than great handfuls to make it less lumpy. After you have completed your first few rounds, pull your beginning yarn tail out of the bottom of the leg so you can use it to tie the legs to the arms of your sweater.

Spider Legs (Make 4)


Round 1: ch 1, sc 10. Sl st to the top of the first st of the round. (10)

Continue making rounds in this fashion until your spider leg is roughly half the length of your child’s arm. (For reference, the first segment of my spider legs were 27 rounds and my child is 6 years old.)

Increasing Round: Ch 1, sc 5, flo: sc 1, inc x 3, sc 1, sl st to the top of the first st of the round.

The rest of the rounds: Ch 1, sc 13, sl st to the top of the first st of the round.

The second segment of your spider leg should have the same amount of rounds as the first segment. Leave long tails for attaching the legs onto the sides of your child’s sweater. Use the beginning yarn tails from the tips of your spider legs to tie the legs to each other and to the wrists of your child’s sweater so that the spider legs move when they move their arms.

Large Spider Eyes (Make 2)


Ch 2, hdc 8, sl st to the top of the first st. (8)

Ch 2, hdc inc in each st, sl st to the top of the first st. (16) Cut yarn.

Leave long tails for sewing!

Small Spider Eyes (Make 6)


Ch 2, hdc 8, sl st to the top of the first st. (8) Cut yarn.

Leave long tails for sewing!

Attach to your hat like the picture below. Add highlights with white and red yarn.

Please do not redistribute this pattern as your own, but feel free to sell finished items made from this pattern as long as you credit Nine Inspired as the designer.

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I'm a dreamer and a doer and I never stop learning. I love fiber arts and FOOD! I have a 6 year old daughter named Echo, a wonderful partner named Cam, and a little puppy named Finn. Together we live and explore in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. <3

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